About Us

Premiere Wholesale Industries is primarily a wiping cloth manufacturing company. We provide wholesale bulk orders to industrial companies, retailers, hotels and hospitals, among many other types of businesses. We also export recycled textile products, as well as import new textile goods.

Premiere Wholesale
Car Wash Supply

Microfiber car wash towels, white cotton painter’s rags, short handled and long handled brushes, car wash mitts, turkish towels for cars, boats, airplanes, and RVs.

Premiere Wholesale
Disposable Products

Available products are bailing wire, packing tape, rags, recycled huck towels, shrink wrap, and large packing boxes.

Premiere Wholesale
Bulk Textile

Repurposed clothing, shoes, and bric-a-brac sold in bulk quantities from pallets, size orders to full truckload and containers.

Premiere Wholesale
Pet Supply

Manzanita tree perches best suited for birds and reptiles, cage cleaning supplies, and nylon reinforced sponges for deep cleaning

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Premiere Wholesale Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 97754
Las Vegas, NV 89193


Featured Products

White Turkish Towels

Car Wash Towels

White Cotton Painter’s Rags

Microfiber Cloths